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Aliner Industries, Inc.
Aliner SMP connectors are precisionly made for high frequency requirements and also the excellent solutions for 4G LTE base station equipment when upgrading from 3G. Customized designs are availalble upon request. Please send your inquiries to for further information.
Released at the end of year 2012, Aliner IP67 rated RF connectors are engineered far above the ground in the industry. They are designed to operate under severe outdoor surroundings in both mated and unmated conditions. With the IP67 rated design, these connectors are able to feature excellent electrical performance and protect the device from dust and water. The line comes in SMA, BNC and Type N with cable types ranging from 1.13 to RG 316. With the ability in customization, more IP67 RF connectors are coming out soon!
Aliner 6GHz SMA RF Switch connector for PCB is a patented design and excellent solution for next generation 4G/LTE and applications. With reliable mechanical switching functions in between internal & external antenna, the connector also carries good VSWR performance <1.60 for external antenna up to 6GHz. Several designs are available upon request.
Aliners new SMA cable switch connector with jumber cable offers customers a different option from PCB mounting for their RF antenna solutions mostly for 4G/LTE. Connecting with U.FL or MHF connector in other end, Aliner SMA switch jumber cable can be placed flexibly over the device for clean singal transmission to achieve the best performance up to 6GHz with low VSWR. The SMA switch connector with mini-coaxial cables OD 1.13~1.37mm are currently available. For more informaton, please submit your inquiries to
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