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RF Switch coaxial Connector

Aliner has been developing RF switch coaxial connectors starting with our MC card interface since six years ago. It is through hindsight that we realize that we are not building a traditional product series but a platform. Under this switch platform, the language of open-mindedness is loud and clear as Aliner develops switch functions into not only our patented ACX and SSMCX interfaces, but also for open interfaces such as SMA, SMB, MMCX, MC Card, MCX, SSMB, RP-TNC, TNC, N, etc, satisfying a growing market demand to include more interfaces for the Aliner switch platform.

  • Reliable mechanical switching function between antennas
  • Good RF performance up to 6GHz
  • PCB & cable solutions available
  • Varied interfaces - MMCX, MCX, SSMB, SMA, TNC, N and more

Component Product Functions

  • Switching between internal and external antenna
    (original perspective/use)
  • Switching between internal RF channels
    (new perspective/use)
  • Available in left or right edge mount version in some
    interfaces (or upon request)

Switch Platform Product Features & Benefits

  • Design for Cost (DFC)
  • Optimal switching routes between source/internal give smallest dimensions
  • Pick and place SMT capable
  • RoHS compliant
  • Design for Mass production (DFM)
  • Simplifies PCB layout
  • No electrical control needed
  • Substitution of RF relays
  • Reduction in the number of total components needed
  • More compact product designs made possible
  • Popular Coupling Mechanism
  • Proprietary and open interfaces are included
  • Flexible Permutation and Combination of RF coaxial switches from the platform


Download RF Switch Catalog (PDF)
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