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SMB Series
Aliner SMB connectors are suitable for application from DC up to 4 GHz, and are quick connection/disconnection snap-on mating.
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PCB connector (Edge mount)
PCB connector (PCB mount)
PCB connector (PCB mount & Cable)
Cable connector
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Interface Mating Dimensions Technical Data
LTR. Millimeters / Inches
A- Ø2.00 Ø.079 Ø2.08 Ø.082
B-     1.63 .064
C- 0.27 .011 0.52 .021
D- 0.29 .012 0.57 .023
E- Ø3.40 Ø.134 Ø3.50 Ø.138
F- 3.58 .141    
G- 0.00 .000 0.29 .012
H- 1.65 .065    
I- 2.79 .110    
J- Ø0.95 Ø.037 Ø1.02 Ø.040
K- Ø0.56 Ø.022 Ø0.60 Ø.024
L- Ø3.05 Ø.120 Ø3.10 Ø.122
LTR. Millimeters / Inches
A- Ø2.10 Ø.083 Ø2.20 Ø.087
B- Ø3.66 Ø.144 Ø3.71 Ø.146
C- 0.04 .002 0.24 .010
D- 3.48 .137 3.53 .139
E- 0.05 .002    
F- 1.65 .065    
G- 2.39 .094 2.72 .107
H- Ø3.05 Ø.120 Ø3.10 Ø.122
I- Ø0.48 Ø.019 Ø0.53 Ø.021
J- Ø0.95 Ø.037 Ø1.02 Ø.040
K- 2.51 .099 2.70 .103
Material / Finish :
  Material Finish
Connector body Brass per (QQ-B-626 or JIS-C3604B) Nickel or gold plating
Center contact male Brass per (QQ-B-626 or JIS-C3604B) Gold plating
Center contact female Beryllium copper per (QQ-C-530 or JIS-C1730) Gold plating
Insulator PTFE None
Crimp ferrule Annealed copper Same as body
Electrical :
Nominal impedance 50Ω
Frequency up to 4.0 GHz
VSWR 1.25 + 0.05xf GHz
Working voltage 250 Volts rms max.
Dielectric withstanding voltage 750 Volts rms min.
Insulation resistance 1000 MΩ min.
Contact resistance center conductor 6.0 mΩ
outer conductor 1.5 mΩ
Mechanical & Environmental :
Mating Snap on coupling
Cable retention 6 kgf typical
Engage force 3.0 kgf max.
Disengage force 0.5 kgf min.
Durablility ≧500 cycles
Temperature range PTFE -55℃ to +155℃
Vibration Per MIL-STD-202 Method 204 Test Condition D
Corrosion Per MIL-STD-202 Method 101 Test Condition B
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